Common toothbrush vs electric toothbrush

By daily dental brushing we aim to remove microbial plaque and food debris from accessible tooth surfaces and gingival areas in the vicinity, stimulate the circulation, vasculature and normal gingival tone.

Dental brushing can be done using a regular toothbrush or an electric toothbrush. But what’s the difference between them?

There is only one difference between the two types of toothbrush used: the patient.

If you are a careful person to rigorous application of manual brushing and use the right technique, then manual brushing is a very effective one and you will not face any problems. Instead, if you do not apply the brushing technique correctly and use the toothbrush at random, you may cause gum injuries or soreness.

From this point of view, the electric toothbrush has an advantage, especially those that incorporate a pressure sensor that warns you or stops rotating when the force with which it performs the brushing is too high. There are brushes that come in the package with a wireless guide that monitors the brushing time for the four dental dials, encouraging you to perform a thorough brushing. This brushing technique is simple, easy, practical, even for children.

Toothbrush with a simple brush can be as effective as brushing if done correctly and thoroughly. By manual brushing, the effort is diminished, control of the force applied to the gum is better as well as the time dedicated to oral hygiene.

Do you want to know more about how to maintain correct oral hygiene or how to improve your daily brushing routine?

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