Communication between physician and patient – Successful dental treatment plan

Going to the dentist is not just a fear of young children, it is a fear often encountered among adults. For this reason, our team is always ready to ensure your comfort through a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The dental services provided by our clinic cover a complex range of oral rehabilitation treatments, and the end result is always designed to meet the needs of each patient both aesthetically and functionally.

The first contact between the dentist and the patient is the phase in which we try to build a trustful relationship, based on good communication. Every patient who comes to our clinic, whether he wants a complete rehabilitation of the oral situation, or wants an examination for minor problems, will benefit from a full dental status assessment by drawing up a treatment plan containing all possible options.

You can benefit from a complete examination that will include dental photos, study casts, and radiographs. If you want a full aesthetic rehabilitation, we can create a virtual therapy plan with a specially designed Digital Smile Design (DSD) program. Through this program, you can preview the final aspect of the treatment and you can give your consent for the following treatment phases. We use up-to-date technology to accurately reproduce the results of treatments and interventions for each individual patient.

The treatments at Prolident Dental Clinic are done in an well equipped with modern and high-quality dental units to provide quick and top treatment.

Our clinic is located in the center of Cluj, on Memorandumului Street, no. 8, ap. 21, in the inner courtyard. You can also find us at 0264.542.446 or you can contact us at any time on our Facebook page. We are always close to you!

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