Digital dentistry Prolident

Digital workflow brings a real benefit when used in dentistry. The speed with which the work is done, the design, the precision and the comfort for the patient.
Advantages of digital workflow:

  • Rapidity (execution time shortened to more than half compared to most classic procedures)
  • Precision (the impressions are as accurate as the classical ones, the execution of the work is much better)

Our work is divided into the following stages:


1. Digital footprint

Using the latest 3Shape Trios system, we perform a tooth or area scan. A scan takes about 5 minutes, without pain, without any material remaining in the mouth without feeling sick.

2. The digital design of the future prosthetic work

Using specialized programs (Exocad), our service manages to execute a quick design of the future prosthetic work.

Clinica Stomatilogica Prolident
0018 min

3. Execution and finishing of works by dental technicians

In a digital workflow lab, the future prosthetic work can be 3D printed, titanium sintered or titanium sintered. After fast and accurate execution, the work is manually finished and personalized to match the highest quality standards.

4. Application of the prosthetic work

The work is then sent to our clinic, where it is closely inspected by our specialists, and will be applied only after passing the quality control of the treating physician.

Implantology / Oral Surgery
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