Endodontics Prolident

The endodontic treatment is the most common procedure in dental practice, also known as “root canal”.

Proper endodontic treatment decides whether the tooth will be saved or extraction is required!

Infectie pulpara

The main signs that you might suffer from a pulp infection are:

  • Spontaneous pain or pain caused by touching the tooth during mastication or thermal stimuli (cold, hot)
  • Pain with a burning or pulsing character, continuous or with remission periods
  • Pain located at a tooth or irradiated in the surrounding area
  • Swelling (swelling) in the mucosa, right to the tooth
  • Larger and painful nodes

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Stages of endodontic treatment:

  • Consultation + performing radiographs to establish the diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Endodontic treatment, which consists in removing the affected tissue from the root canals and preparing them in order to remove the microorganisms from the complex canal system and to achieve a three-dimensional root filling.
  • During treatment and at the end of the treatment, radiographs are required to check the correctness of the treatment
  • Regular check, once every 6 months, to check the maintenance of the results and to perform the radiographs.
Tratament endodontic
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