Free Cavity Detection Control

Increasing concern for the appearance of the teeth, and especially for their health, has led to an accelerated evolution of the medical and dental research process, with the development of new methods of clinical investigation and treatment.

Such a method for early detection of dental caries is cariodetection in fluorescent light. It aims at early detection of both subclinical lesions consisting of minimal demineralization, impossible to appreciate with the naked eye, as well as incipient carious lesions, located in hardly accessible areas both radiologically and by direct and indirect inspection. The principle of the method is simple and consists of the different fluorescence capacity of the integral dental enamel compared to the demineralized one.

Classical investigation methods may mistake in diagnosis because of marked pigmentation areas that sometimes appear in dental cracks. Adopting a prophylactic, sodium-bicarbonate cleaner will remove this shortcoming, but will not be able to accurately determine the presence of pre-clinical lesions with demineralization and will in some cases avoid invasive treatment.

In the photos below, the left image is seen with the naked eye and the one on the right with the carousode:

Free eye Cavity Detection
Free eye Cavity Detection
Free eye Cavity Detection

In the context of the foregoing, Prolident Clinic invites you to monitor your carious lesions using this modern process of caries detection.

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