Pediatric dentistry Prolident

Dental pediatrics, also known as pedodontics, is a specialized branch that focuses on treating young people.

Pediatric dentistry

Some pediatric specialized activities include:

  • Oral Oral Health Examination for Children
  • Inhalosedation
  • Special Nutrition Counseling
  • Emergency dental care
  • Space management after premature tooth loss
  • Helps manage vicious habits: sucking your finger, incorrect swallowing

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Pediatric dentistry

A friendly and welcomed environment is also the key in a children’s treatment. Special sized dental equipment for examinations is important. The decor of the exam room should also be appealing to young people, with colorful wall paint and murals.

Games, children’s magazines in the waiting area, go a long way toward relaxing uncertainty. Pediatric dentists are working hard to keep the smiles of bright and healthy children. When a dental visit is a positive experience, children can be happy to come back every six months to check them out. And for that, the parents will be grateful.

Pediatric dentistry
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