Prolident Dental Clinic, healthy smile clinic

For a dentist, is there something more important than a healthy smile on the face of a happy man?

From this question I started in 1996 when I opened the Prolident Dental Clinic in Cluj-Napoca.

We have been a new dental office  and have been practicing for 3 years now, when we decided that this clinic will work first and foremost with the soul and the needs of the patients. My husband, Dr. Paul Prodan, at that time, the primary caregiver of General Medicine, not only supported me, but he decided to join me. In 2003, he graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Cluj, then obtained the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences in the field of Parodontology, competence in Implantology and the Masters in Oral Rehabilitation.

From the beginning, both me, Dr. Aurelia Prodan and my husband, Dr. Paul Prodan, together with the whole team, we focus on the needs of each client, on providing modern and responsible solutions. We want patients to know at each moment what they are doing, what are the treatment options and how we can solve each problem. Our professionalism is the result of the continuous training and passion for medicine transmitted from generation to generation.

The team is complemented by highly competent young doctors.

Another question immediately arises: is a sufficient condition the excellent professional training of a doctor for the patient to be satisfied?

In fact, it’s just a necessary, but not enough, condition. Dental Clinic Prolident has excellent dentistry, but our work is doubled by the latest generation dental equipment. Thus our team can concentrate with the utmost dedication so that the final result reflects the true satisfaction on the face of every patient who crosses the threshold of the Dental Clinic.

You’re welcome,

Dr. Aurelia Prodan

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