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Dr Prodan Paul

Dr Paul Prodan 150x127

With an extensive clinical experience, he has been working in the field of oral surgery and dental implantology for more than 25 years. Doctor Prodan is known to be patient, calm and very attentive, traits that make a difference in the end. He does not cut any corner when it comes to his patients.

  • Doctor of Medical Sciences – Periodontology
  • Master Oral Rehabilitation
  • Membru al Societatii Romane de Implantologie
  • Primary general practitioner

Dr Prodan Aurelia

Dr Aurelia Prodan 150x121

Always prompt and straightforward, Ms. Prodan already is a renowned dentist for over 20 years and is keep to solve any problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Patients recommend her as being entirely committed to her profession being able to be prompt at any time for any problem. Do not hesitate to contact her.

  • Primary general dentist

Dr Opris Daiana

Dr Daiana Prodan

Perfection and attention to detail characterizes Mrs. Opris the most. Aesthetics and an eye for beauty has been one of the most powerful strengths of her. Attentive and caring with her patients, she successfully combines implantology and dental aesthetics. Do not hesitate to contact her for any problem.

  • Doctor and oral maxillofacial surgeon
  • Dentist specialist
  • Competencies in periodontology and endodontics

Dr Opris Horia

Dr Horia Opris

The pragmatic way and overall vision help Dr. Opris in the treatments he conceives. Dental implantology and oral surgery are areas of excellence where he can help with your problems. Do not hesitate to call!

  • Doctor and oral maxillofacial surgeon
  • Dentist specialist

Dr Alexandru Paul


Patience is one of the absolutely necessary qualities for successful endodontic treatment. Dr Alex brings his teamwork contribution by saving almost every tooth. Any difficult case always passes through his hands. He is always there for your every need.

  • Dentist specialist
  • Competence in endodontics

Dr Minodor Bobirca


His relaxed and lively style gives confidence to every patient. Doctor Bobirca manages to motivate from the youngest to the eldest of our patients on their journey on to a healthy smile. Extremely careful with the function of the jaws and its problems, he can help you restore your smile.

  • Specialist in orthodontics and dental-facial orthopedics

Dr Dan Sancraian


Patience with the little ones and calm approach, makes Dr. Sancraian perfect for his role in treating them. There is no patient who will not fall in love with him after the first session. Come with your child for a consultation today!

  • Resident pediatric dentist
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